In general, engaging with the English language is the most important thing. Reading, listening, speaking and writing in English each day will help. Increasing your vocabulary by at least 5 new words per day with a special focus on ‘Academic English’ will also help you to succeed.

There are many great, free websites to help you as well. Here are a few which you can start using today! This is the official IELTS website where you can find information, sample questions, practice activities and book the test. This website focuses on all parts of the test and includes vocabulary and grammar building activities.  Liz is an IELTS instructor and has made many videos where she shares tips and advice on all parts of the test. This British Council website has a wide range of activities focusing on all aspects of learning English. These podcasts are a great way to improve your listening skills.

For further help or advice, please see our English department staff or student affairs team.

The IELTS Moodle Resource supports autonomous learning for trainees who would like further practice outside the classroom.